Cycling Cadence Sensor

A cadence sensor is a smart pod that measures RPMs or revolutions per minute or cadence. The sensor attaches to the bike crank arm to track, display, and send the data about the RPMs. Using the Heart Zones System this data can be displayed on the Big Board and on a bike computer or console attached to the bike handlebars. The data is the number of times per minute that the crank arm turns.

Key Features

    • Wireless: The cadence sensor is wireless. It does not require placement of any other sensors or magnets like a traditional cadence sensor.
    • Easy to Install: Attaches with either zip tie or with double sided tape to the crank arm.
    • Waterproof: Uses and internal accelerometer which is housed in a waterproof casing.
    • Replaceable Batteries: Simply pop the top of the pod off and replace the internal battery in a matter of moments.
    • Retrofit: If your facility has bikes without any measurement devices, the smart cadence sensor can be fixed to the crank arm and data can be collected or displayed to show the RMS for the rider.
Cycling Cadence Sensor
Cycling Cadence Sensor