Speed and Cadence Sensors

This speed and cadence sensor sends both speed and cadence or RPM, revolutions per minute, data wirelessly to either the Big Board display, the head unit of a bike, or an iPhone or iPad app like Heart Zones Training. This dual sensor – speed and cadence – can be either a single unit or two separate units mounted near the rear wheel. It’s simply a combination of two different units integrated into one small smart device.

Key Features:

  • Two functions speed and RPMs combined into a single solution.
  • Replaceable Batteries: Rider can replace the battery typically with a nickel 2031 battery.
  • Wireless Connection: No tangled wires on your bike to connect the sensor to your device.
  • Dual Transmission: Both ANT+ and BLE capabilities allow for a wireless connection to both smartphones and GPS devices.
  • Universal Fit: Sensors fit with most bikes, indoor or outdoor bikes, and frame sizes
Cadence and Speed Sensor