Heart Zones, Inc has spent the last 22 years developing heart rate training methods. Through the vision of Sally Edwards and the support of a strong Heart Zones team, great methodology has been developed and is now being used in the Heart Zones System.

ZONING Methodology


Simply put ZONING is fitness in a blink. ZONING is a cardio fitness program using three zones, for different ranges of intensity. It’s a simple, sensible way to make the most of your workouts.  ZONING energizes your body and your mind through personalized cardio-movement. Learn more …

Threshold Zones Chart


Threshold training is a workout methodology that uses zone training with five zones and two thresholds to individualize the physical activity. These two thresholds, the T1 and T2 are a little bit more scientific in nature, but they allow for 5 zones of training versus 3. Learn More …

Max Heart Rate Zones

Max Heart Rate

Maximum heart rate is used to set heart rate zones, it is an anchor point, it is a bio marker. Maximum heart rate does not change with age. Your maximum heart rate is more or less static, changing over time as slowly as a glacier in the fit population. Learn More …