Smart Cycling through Heart Zones System

The Heart Zones System is a newly developed and tested hardware, software and sensor technology for indoor and outdoor cycling. The Heart Zones System integrates these three technologies to collect, display and store data. The HZ System makes meaning out of live data like heart rate, power, RPMs that riders use to improve their cycling and fitness.

Data Driven Programs

Many Heart Rate systems exist, but few bridge the gap between data and program creation. Heart Zones, Inc is different. We will always be striving to help you understand the data that you are getting from your cycling classes, and use it to create new and progressive programs. By applying the data the right way, you will open up the doors for clients/members to grow exponentially in their fitness.

Improve Health through Personalization

By providing ongoing support our goal is for you to understand how heart rate and other data points can be used to personalize programs for different clients. By understanding exactly what each client/member needs, it allows you to create a program that both challenges and motivates them to grow.

Encourage Accountability

When a client walks into your studio and they know that the program has been created specifically for them, accountability becomes much easier. As opposed to measuring against all the other people there, that client is able to hold themselves accountable to the program that he/she knows was made just for them. This mentality is something that Heart Zones, Inc is all about. Encouraging people to simply “Do Their Best”.

Ongoing Education

Many people choose Heart Zones because of our technology. Heart Rate with no Chest Straps, real-time data displays, and more. Many people choose us because of our methodology. ZONING, Threshold Training, and Max. But the third, and possibly most important, is that the Heart Zones System was created by a team of heart rate experts and exercise physiologists who are incredibly passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through fitness and technology.

A Personal Touch

As we partner with your cycling studio, the Heart Zones’ team provides online training through our digital learning platform, online video conferencing via Skype, and on-site visits to ensure continued application of our system and methodology. Once you have the Heart Zones System, our goal is to make sure that you can maximize its functionality and learn something new all the time that will help your clients and yourselves become more fit!