Data Displays & Assessment

The Heart Zones System functions through an app for your iPad. This Heart Zones App holds the magic sauce that makes the program function. It takes in the real-time data from the wearable devices, and displays it on the Heart Zones “Big Board”. When you purchase the Heart Zones System, you also get access to the stand alone Heart Zones Training App, where instructors or clients can use on their own personal iPhone or iPod to view their workout data.

real time data display

With the Heart Zones System software, the instructor is able to input Heart Rate Zones specific to each client, helping to level the playing field & encourage all riders no matter what their fitness level. The Heart Zones App features a patented formula for calculating Heart Zones Training Points, helping clients understand the true benefits of their activity. The iPad display shown here also can project onto a screen or wall so students can easily see their names and activity.

Reports and Assessment

After a class, the Heart Zones System will automatically send a report to selected email addresses. This allows for the data to be sent to instructors and clients, creating great visibility into each individuals health. By creating that transparency and relying on data, we are able to create tailored fitness plans for each individual member. The end result is more motivated clients and instructors!

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