How it Works

The Heart Zones System is an exciting program designed to motivate and evaluate athletes and individuals in a group setting. The goal of Heart Zones, Inc is to “Get America Fit”, and this program is designed as a platform to help that goal come to fruition.

Using wearable fitness technology, industry leading methodology, and state of the art data acquisition, display, and analysis, the Heart Zones System is top of its class. People love seeing their data, it encourages them to be more active and healthy, and fitness coaches and instructors have more information from which to evaluate their clients.



Heart Zones, Inc curriculum is the product of 25+ years of research and experience in the health and fitness lifestyle. Featuring Sally Edwards and a team of exercise physiologists the Heart Zones System curriculum is top of its class

Wearable Technology

Wearable Sensors

One of the most unique features of the Heart Zones System is that it is an “Open System”, meaning that it is capable of connecting to over 160 different activity trackers. Allowing great flexibility in usage. The Blink Armband is our featured wearable, and this Heart Zones, Inc unique armband allow for you to capture Heart Rate without a Chest Strap. It also has dual functionality to capture steps. Learn More …

Real-Time Data Displays

Software & Data Displays

The Heart Zones System functions through an app for your iPad. This App holds the magic sauce that makes the program function. It takes in the real-time data from the wearable devices, and displays it on the Heart Zones “Big Board”. Learn more …

Professional Development

Professional Development

We are committed to ensuring that you get the most out of using the Heart Zones System. When you purchase your Heart Zones System, you are automatically enrolled in our Digital Learning Platform that will help to train you on the technology, methodology, and help connect the dots on interpreting your clients data to help them improve their fitness levels. Learn More..