Heart Zones Bike Retailer Program

In the winter months, have you stood in your shop and asked yourself, “What time will my first customer come through the door?” With the Heart Zones Cycling Retailer Program the answer is 7 am and there will be 10-20 customers. Attracting both the fitness and serious rider, you’ll have a program to develop year-round cyclists and from that customers year round.

The Heart Zones Bike Retailer Program will demonstrate to customers and the cycling community your innovativeness, expertise and integrity. Your shop will become known for its year round commitment to cyclists.

A retail program with a two-step implementation and one time cost you can recoup in the first year. It will draw upon staff knowledge to improve customer service and create  innovative selling opportunities.   

2 Simple Steps to Get Started

Step 1: Heart Zones System Package

  • The Heart Zone System – fitness technology hardware and software that collects and displays group riding data.
  • A “Bridge” which reads up to 110 riders at a time and sends heart rate, power, and cadence to the display.
  • 10-15 Blink Armband sensors measure heart rate, power and cadence
  • System generated individual email reports after each workout.
  • Recommended floor plan and equipment layout.
  • Installation and training support included
  • Lifetime software updates for no additional fee.
  • Heart Zones fitness technology runs on IOS.
  • Time required for installation and training is 2 days.

***Not included (provided by store): iPad, powerpoint projector, screen, bike trainers, sound system, and fans***

Step 2: Coaching Certification and 8-week Ride Program

  • 8-hour cycle coaching certification course
  • Choice of live or online instruction
  • Continuing Education units for USA Cycling.
  • 16 ride profiles – 2 workouts per week.
  • “Let’s Get Started” manual.

The Smart Cycling Heart Zones Program

Heart Zones, Inc has spent 25+ years developing the methodology for heart zones training for cycling. Founder and competitive cyclist, Sally Edwards, literally “rode” the book in her pivotal Heart Zones Cycling and her other title The Heart Rate Monitor Book for Cyclists. Heart Zones can provide your coaches with ride workout manuals to follow with two different 12 weeks of rides.

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